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The aura and influence of the moving image have been the central art form for over 120 years. Its influence on all other mediums cannot be understated. A film can make us cry real tears, laugh unabashedly, and cheer with joy – often all at once. Given such influence and power, your viewing experience should respect that special relationship.

Directors, along with their cinematographers, craft their stories to be seen on the “big screen.” The shots, framing, dialogue, and effects are intended for a theatrical setting’s unique atmosphere. A proper home theater design recreates – and surpasses – the excitement and the experiential sense of the best multiplex moments.

Intrigued about how you can bring the most immersive and best viewing experience to your clients in the Bellevue, WA area? Read below to learn more.

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It Starts with the Room

The space that you are dedicating to film-viewing, whether new construction or retrofitted to accommodate, has a significant influence on the experience. How the audio sounds in a room or the image on screen looks depends on how the materials and technology interact. 

To achieve the homeowner’s vision, whether looking to recreate the classic 1920’s grandeur or a more minimalist take, we work with you to ensure that they get exceptional audio and visuals.  Soft fabrics absorb sound, dampening the power and detail, while hard surfaces can make the audio overly bright and brittle sounding.

While video quality starts with the projection, lighting – both natural and electric fixtures – can wash out the final image. By working with integration experts, you can resolve potential issues before they affect your client, such as noting light spills in order to recommend specialized screens to them.

The Image: Reflected and Perfected

The image on the screen is, of course, the central focus of any home theater. The front of the house is where the action and storyline unfold before us. It is vital that the surface installed provides full detail to the viewer – depending on the room's environment, a specialized screen may be needed.

The video we see on a screen is really a reflection. The light from the projector shines on the screen and is reflected to our eyes. Screen Innovations builds solutions for nearly any environment with materials that compensate for room size, ambient illumination, and seating configurations. The long history of innovation allows them to offer matte surfaces that diffuse light in larger rooms, while other models embed optical beads that help amplify and focus the reflected light, maximizing brightness and detail in smaller spaces.

Immersed in Sound

It is a tenet of filmmaking theory that a great film can communicate its story without sound. While this may be true, it is the audio the makes a movie truly an immersive experience. The surround sound element creates a multidimensional sound field that envelops those in the theater. 

We trust KEF speakers to furnish your architectural design with superior sound and complementary visual elements. The company has a long history of innovation and technical breakthroughs unparalleled by others for over 50 years. Their home theater and architectural lines are spectacular examples of top-notch acoustics and aesthetics.

The speakers are artfully sculpted from remarkable wood finishes and high-grade aluminum enclosures and vented tweeters to generate a precisely defined soundstage. The patented Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology uses activated charcoal inside the cabinets to generate low-frequency responses of speakers twice the size. 

Best Seat in The House

The environments you design for homeowners reflect the needs of their lifestyles and desires of luxury. At Eastside AV, we understand how to perfectly combine your architectural designs with your clients’ technology expectations.

Are you interested in bringing the highest quality AV and home theater design to your clients’ homes?  Fill out our online contact form or call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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