Experience Your Favorite Movie Scenes in a Brand New Way


Professional Home Theater Systems Drop You Right into the Action

Are you an action movie aficionado or a rom-com devotee? No matter your genre preference, you can bring the excitement of your favorite movies and TV shows to your home by upgrading your entertainment area to a home theater.

Incorporating a personal cinema goes beyond mounting a large TV to the wall, though. Customized home theater systems are built from the ground up to deliver a post-production studio environment. The immersive sound and picture quality that the director intended to create comes alive with an expertly designed system with high-quality components.

Keep reading below to learn more about the home theater experience that you can bring to your Mercer Island, WA, home.

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The Audio/Video Experience

The AV system is undoubtedly the most critical part of any home theater system. Our trained technicians expertly install displays, components, and speakers throughout the room in strategic locations to produce the best possible viewing experience.

Front and center channel speakers deliver crystal clear dialogue and surround speakers reproduce ambient sound effects and directional action audio. Working in symphony with one another, the immersive soundscape envelops you, placing you in whatever scene you’re watching. You’ll feel like you’re submerged underwater, shuttling through space, or in the car chase scene with your favorite actors.

Pairing your stellar audio with dynamic high-definition 4K or 8K upscaling displays rounds out the home theater experience. You can choose projection screens that roll away when not in use or large flat panel displays. Most importantly, our AV professionals ensure every inch of your home theater space makes media look and sound as the director envisioned.

Incredible Comfort

In addition to audio and video systems, comfort is essential. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite Netflix series or attempting to marathon-watch all of the Marvel movies in chronological order, relaxation and comfort are imperative with any home theater furniture selection. Standalone motorized recliners, modular rows, or curved row seating are all popular options for home theaters.

Including a few different seating styles ensures that everyone in the family is comfortable and can see the screen in all its splendor during the next movie night. Whatever you choose, soft fabrics not only feel luxurious but also help absorb reflected sound, so whatever you’re watching sounds amazing, too.


If you’re ready to explore the possibilities that home theater systems offer, call us today or connect with us using our online form. We look forward to showing you a new world of entertainment!

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