High-Performance Audio Sounds Great – and It Can Look Great, Too!


3 Reasons Why You Should Work with an AV Company for Top-Quality Sound

Gone are the days of having bulky, black speakers when you want to have impressive audio in your home! Today’s high-performance audio solutions are revolutionary in both their sound quality and their style. Traditional wood grains and muted color schemes are still available, but vibrant colors and contemporary stylings that complement or stand out from your interior décor are available.

Of course, looks aren’t everything. The ability to blanket every room of your home with stunning sound is imperative. We’re proud to be the premier audio/video company serving Kirkland, WA and the surrounding areas, and we’re able to incorporate high-quality audio brands in our clients’ homes every day.  

Keep reading below to learn three reasons why working with a professional for your high-performance audio needs is a must!

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High-Performance Brands

KEF loudspeakers were the first to use computers in testing and design, digitally analyzing speaker pairs within half a decibel of one another. Monitor Audio uses a patented ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium (C-CAM) cone design that reduces audible distortion and results in deep and dynamic frequencies; Meridian has partnered with British Airways, Jaguar, and LG over the last few decades.

Audio brands with a long history have proven themselves, not only withstanding the test of time in your parents’ home and demanding concert venues but also in innovative products and situations like First Class flights. Loudspeakers and components from Meridian, Monitor Audio, and KEF have been around since the 1960s and 1970s. These companies and others have consistently researched every aspect of audio performance and have developed solutions to bring impressive high-fidelity sound to music lovers internationally – that is why we enjoy adding them to our clients’ Kirkland-area properties!

Expert Placement

Speaker placement can significantly affect sound quality, and if a speaker or subwoofer is incorrectly placed in a room, no one in the family will be able to enjoy audio to its fullest potential. Front left, center, and front right speakers can affect seating layouts in home theaters and dedicated listening areas; poorly placed subs can rattle wall art and reflect off of metallic décor. An AV professional has years of training and in-home experience to rely upon when they determine the sweet spot of each speaker of your home’s audio system.

Elevate Your Aesthetic

A professional audio/video company will the best brands to incorporate into your audio setup and where to place the components – and they also know how to find the best audio pieces to complement your expertly curated home décor. Boldly colored floorstanding speakers can serve as a focal point in a space, or you can decide on in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers that blend seamlessly into your walls with speaker grilles that can still perform flawlessly after having drywall installed on top. No matter your style, we can find the perfect high-performance audio solution for your home, both indoors and outside.

To elevate your family’s audio experience, you need to work with the best technicians the Seattle area has to offer – Eastside AV! Chat with us at the bottom of your screen or connect with us using our online form. We can’t wait to help you bring music home with you!

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