Things to Consider for Your Home’s Media Room


You Bring the Popcorn. We’ll Take Care of the Rest!

Spending more time at home has become an increasingly popular pastime over the last year. Many of us transitioned to remote working environments or at-home learning with children, so we’ve had to pivot in new ways to accommodate the shift.

Upgraded networks made it possible to stay connected during work and school video chats and building a more robust and more secure network helps in other ways as well - by ensuring high-speed connections for our downtime entertainment, too!

Home entertainment solutions are more popular than ever, and bringing TV shows, movies, and music to your family is imperative during these stressful times. A high-speed network not only keeps Netflix streaming with no buffering symbols or skips during critical dialogue, but it also lets everyone in the family stay connected from every single one of their devices.

Keep reading below to learn what else you need to consider besides an improved network when ruminating about home media rooms – and how one can completely transform your lifestyle in your Seattle, WA home.

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Exceed Your Expectations with the Best Brands from Your Premier Audio Video Installer


What Solutions Make Your Home Entertainment Experience Beyond Compare?

Music and movies have powerful influences on us, giving us energy and confidence or inspiring reflection and repose. It stands to reason that the audio and video devices that deliver your content should exceed your expectations. 

As an audio-video installer and curators of cutting-edge technologies, we carefully choose the brands we work with, taking into consideration performance and reliability. We want to provide you with the best solutions for your Seattle, WA home. 

Whether you are rocking out to your favorite jams in the kitchen, bringing the backyard barbeque to life, or immersing yourself in your home theater, we install the innovative products and solutions that fit your smart home needs.

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Experience Your Favorite Movie Scenes in a Brand New Way


Professional Home Theater Systems Drop You Right into the Action

Are you an action movie aficionado or a rom-com devotee? No matter your genre preference, you can bring the excitement of your favorite movies and TV shows to your home by upgrading your entertainment area to a home theater.

Incorporating a personal cinema goes beyond mounting a large TV to the wall, though. Customized home theater systems are built from the ground up to deliver a post-production studio environment. The immersive sound and picture quality that the director intended to create comes alive with an expertly designed system with high-quality components.

Keep reading below to learn more about the home theater experience that you can bring to your Mercer Island, WA, home.

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