Adding Motorized Shades to Your Home Is a Breeze with Lutron


Wireless, Battery-Powered Window Treatments Make Life More Convenient

We’ve previously written about making the switch from manual to motorized blinds, but did you know that you can add this innovative smart solution to practically any room of the house? With motorized shades and blinds powered by Lutron and installed by our expert technicians, your Seattle, WA home will never be the same.

Keep reading below for three areas of your property that can benefit from motorized shades! Convenience, style, and seamless integration with the other smart devices in your home is simply a call away – 425-922-8145.

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Why Should I Make the Switch from Manual to Motorized Blinds?


3 Reasons Why You Want to Incorporate Lutron Shades into Your Home

Think about how many windows you have in your home – and now imagine a sunny day. How long would it typically take you to walk throughout the house to manually adjust each curtain and blind so natural sunlight can stream through the windows

Depending on how large your Bellevue-area home is, it could take quite a bit of time to do this. Now imagineadjusting every window treatment with a simple tap of your finger on the smart device of your choice. It’s possible with Lutron motorized blinds.

Keep reading below for three reasons why you should consider incorporating this innovative smart home solution and make the switch away from manual shades!

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Shine Bright With Lighting Control Systems


Our Brand Partners, Lutron and Control4, Make It Possible

Lighting can completely transform a home. If too bright, lighting can make a room feel harsh and cold, like an operating room. If too dim, it makes completing tasks nearly impossible because it’s difficult to see. Imagine, instead, that lighting can respond to your needs with just a tap of your finger on a smartphone, wall-mounted keypad, or custom-designed switch plate?

Innovative lighting solutions from Lutron work beautifully with Control4 home control, so your Issaquah, WA home can shine brightly (or dimly) as you need. Keep reading below to learn more about how light control systems can make your life more luxurious and convenient.

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