The Smart Home of Your Dreams with Control4


A Home Automation System Should Be Personalized to How You Live

Home automation provides convenience and luxury, enhancing your home and lifestyle with automation and personalization. An expertly designed and installed control system connects and manages your disparate devices to work in concert, acting and reacting to the entire house.

Your home is a complex ecosystem of climate control, entertainment, lighting, security, and more. As a Control4 dealer, we help create a comprehensive ecosystem rather than a simple collection of individual devices. A top-notch smart home design adapts to the changes in your lifestyle and daily needs, personalizing every moment.

Are you ready to see what a Control4 system can do for your Bellevue, WA home? Read below to learn more.

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Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations with a Premier Audio-Video Integrator


Partner with a Team That Understands How to Blend Technology and Aesthetics

The aura and influence of the moving image have been the central art form for over 120 years. Its influence on all other mediums cannot be understated. A film can make us cry real tears, laugh unabashedly, and cheer with joy – often all at once. Given such influence and power, your viewing experience should respect that special relationship.

Directors, along with their cinematographers, craft their stories to be seen on the “big screen.” The shots, framing, dialogue, and effects are intended for a theatrical setting’s unique atmosphere. A proper home theater design recreates – and surpasses – the excitement and the experiential sense of the best multiplex moments.

Intrigued about how you can bring the most immersive and best viewing experience to your clients in the Bellevue, WA area? Read below to learn more.

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Exceed Your Expectations with the Best Brands from Your Premier Audio Video Installer


What Solutions Make Your Home Entertainment Experience Beyond Compare?

Music and movies have powerful influences on us, giving us energy and confidence or inspiring reflection and repose. It stands to reason that the audio and video devices that deliver your content should exceed your expectations. 

As an audio-video installer and curators of cutting-edge technologies, we carefully choose the brands we work with, taking into consideration performance and reliability. We want to provide you with the best solutions for your Seattle, WA home. 

Whether you are rocking out to your favorite jams in the kitchen, bringing the backyard barbeque to life, or immersing yourself in your home theater, we install the innovative products and solutions that fit your smart home needs.

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