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A Home Automation System Should Be Personalized to How You Live

Home automation provides convenience and luxury, enhancing your home and lifestyle with automation and personalization. An expertly designed and installed control system connects and manages your disparate devices to work in concert, acting and reacting to the entire house.

Your home is a complex ecosystem of climate control, entertainment, lighting, security, and more. As a Control4 dealer, we help create a comprehensive ecosystem rather than a simple collection of individual devices. A top-notch smart home design adapts to the changes in your lifestyle and daily needs, personalizing every moment.

Are you ready to see what a Control4 system can do for your Bellevue, WA home? Read below to learn more.

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Minimal Technology, Maximum Control

Control4, founded in 2003, is among the most sought-after smart home systems by homeowners. The company consistently ranks at the top of end-user satisfaction and has a solid reputation for reliability, flexibility, innovation, and personalization among integrators.

The modern smart home control is more powerful but simpler, with sleek flush mount interfaces that complement your home’s decor. Minimizing the number and size of the control surfaces lessens the visual impact, allowing the architecture and design to stand out. Control4’s intuitive interfaces work in the same manner whether a touch screen, mobile app, or handheld remote. You can dispense with physical interfaces altogether by using the power of your voice. Use simple, standard voice commands to dim the lights, set the thermostat, lock the doors, or start a movie.

Lighting That is Attuned to You

The light in a space has a significant impact on how we perceive a room, our emotions, and our general wellbeing. Control4’s lighting solution does more than guide your way in the dark; it brings balance to your day and your circadian rhythm. Make the most of your home’s daylighting, bringing in more natural light while having the power to accent décor or set the mood.

Begin your day basking in soft glowing hues as the motorized shades rise to let the morning sun into your bedroom gradually. Your light transitions to match and complement throughout the day, providing more focused task lighting as you need. Bring the day to a close; the illumination turns to warmer, less intense colors helping you ease your brain into sleep.

Music Where You Want It

It is said that a single song can change your day. Music motivates us, keeps us energized, and inspires creativity. Set the right ambiance for dinner, keep the party going with just the right playlist or bring a sense of tranquility to the spa. Control4 makes it easy to play the songs you want in any room or throughout the house.

The release of the OS3 platform includes several improvements that focus on the needs and desires of audiophiles. Control the volume in each room of your whole-home audio distribution and add or remove spaces from groups on the fly. The new session tab furnishes you with the artist, song title, file quality, and album art. You expect the best from your audiophile sound system, and Control4 supports native playback of high-definition files such as FLAC and MQA.  Play your curated songs or from platforms like TIDAL, Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Deezer, and more!

Automation Made to Fit You

Home automation should fit to the way you live, not force you to conform to its ways. Control4’s founders recognized from the beginning that you should have the power to change how your home operates.

After your system is installed and commissioned, you gain access to the 4Sight personalization portal. The platform provides you with the tools to change lighting presets, add new sequences or change interface backgrounds. You can decide whether the “Good Morning” command should only turn on the bathroom lights or more. With 4Sight, you can make changes and test them before committing them to the controller. Other control systems often require a programmer to make changes, costing you time and money.


Are you intrigued by what a Control4 dealer can do to make your home work for you? Contact us at 425-922-8145, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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