Shine Bright With Lighting Control Systems


Our Brand Partners, Lutron and Control4, Make It Possible

Lighting can completely transform a home. If too bright, lighting can make a room feel harsh and cold, like an operating room. If too dim, it makes completing tasks nearly impossible because it’s difficult to see. Imagine, instead, that lighting can respond to your needs with just a tap of your finger on a smartphone, wall-mounted keypad, or custom-designed switch plate?

Innovative lighting solutions from Lutron work beautifully with Control4 home control, so your Issaquah, WA home can shine brightly (or dimly) as you need. Keep reading below to learn more about how light control systems can make your life more luxurious and convenient.

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How Does Tunable LED Lighting Make Your Home Look So Good?


Our Favorite Brands, WAC Lighting and Ketra, Are Transformative

Have you ever walked into a room and something just felt off? Perhaps the home's lighting was too muted, or there were too many shadows near artwork and architectural features. Maybe the lighting was too harsh and left you feeling on edge. In addition to illuminating tasks, the color of the lighting in your Kirkland, WA, home can change the mood from dark and dreadful to bright and cheery – or somewhere in-between.

Instead of having traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs, incorporating dynamic LED lighting is transformative and has a wide range of benefits. Read on below to learn the science behind tunable lighting and how it can help you see your home in a whole new light.

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Experience Your Favorite Movie Scenes in a Brand New Way


Professional Home Theater Systems Drop You Right into the Action

Are you an action movie aficionado or a rom-com devotee? No matter your genre preference, you can bring the excitement of your favorite movies and TV shows to your home by upgrading your entertainment area to a home theater.

Incorporating a personal cinema goes beyond mounting a large TV to the wall, though. Customized home theater systems are built from the ground up to deliver a post-production studio environment. The immersive sound and picture quality that the director intended to create comes alive with an expertly designed system with high-quality components.

Keep reading below to learn more about the home theater experience that you can bring to your Mercer Island, WA, home.

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Living Easier with Smart Home Automation


Bring a New Level of Luxury to Your Bellevue-Area Home

An automated home may sound futuristic, but the joys of automation are a modern reality. Whether it’s a thermostat that can learn your habits or an audio/video system that cues up your favorite movie with a simple voice command, smart home automation can change the way you live in your Bellevue-area home. 

Incorporating a Control4 automation system brings a new layer of convenience and comfort to the smart technologies in your home. An automation system brings all of your smart devices under the control of one smart application, operable with smartphones, touchscreens, wall keypads, and more. Read on below to learn the benefits of home automation and why your Washington home will never be the same with them.

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