Things to Consider for Your Home’s Media Room


You Bring the Popcorn. We’ll Take Care of the Rest!

Spending more time at home has become an increasingly popular pastime over the last year. Many of us transitioned to remote working environments or at-home learning with children, so we’ve had to pivot in new ways to accommodate the shift.

Upgraded networks made it possible to stay connected during work and school video chats and building a more robust and more secure network helps in other ways as well - by ensuring high-speed connections for our downtime entertainment, too!

Home entertainment solutions are more popular than ever, and bringing TV shows, movies, and music to your family is imperative during these stressful times. A high-speed network not only keeps Netflix streaming with no buffering symbols or skips during critical dialogue, but it also lets everyone in the family stay connected from every single one of their devices.

Keep reading below to learn what else you need to consider besides an improved network when ruminating about home media rooms – and how one can completely transform your lifestyle in your Seattle, WA home.

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How Can I Add to My Décor with Smart Solutions?


Learn How Motorized Shades Can Complement Your Home’s Interior Design

You’ve spent a considerable amount of effort and expense to make your property look its best. Perfectly curated art, comfortable yet stylish furniture, and stunning architectural detailing compose your beautiful Kirkland, WA home. Some homeowners believe adding technology will only mar their home’s aesthetic, but that is simply not the case!

Besides solutions such as tunable lighting and multi-room AV, you can also complement your interiors with motorized shades. This automated smart home addition comes in various fabrics and stylings that are sure to complement your design scheme.

Scroll on below to keep reading about one of our favorite solutions – Lutron’s Sivoia QS Triathlon window treatments.

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Luxury Technology Services Are Just a Tap Away


Brilliant Whole Home Automation, Right at Your Fingertips in the Seattle Area

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a long day, only to have it respond immediately to your needs with the tap of a button. Shades lower to provide privacy, lights turn on to brighten pathways to the rest of the house, and your music system begins streaming your favorite station. 

Once you make your way to the kitchen, tap another button to brighten the lighting as you safely cut and prepare vegetables and finish making dinner. A simple voice command can change the playlist, too. Talk about a luxury smart home experience! 

Every day, we proudly provide home automation services  as we illustrated above to our clients in Mercer Island, WA, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading below to learn more about the critical components you should consider for a smart home control system.

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It’s Time to Give Your Home Network an Upgrade


How a Professionally Installed Home Network Can Improve Your Home

There is nothing worse than being halfway through a presentation only to realize your connection has stalled, and that you have to start over. Or that your favorite show on Netflix is buffering. Or maybe you are right in the middle of a game, and you lose your connection altogether! 
These are all problems we've faced at home with our network connections. With the convenience of wireless communication also comes the hassle of interference and misallocated bandwidth. Years ago, this was only a minor inconvenience to family entertainment. But nowadays we don't just watch movies or surf the internet. We work, and we go to school from home – and therefore, having multiple reliable connections is a necessity. But a professionally installed home network from your local Kirkland, WA Control4 dealer can provide the home networking solutions that you need to get you back to work and play, any time of day or night. 

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