Improve Your Home with Multi-Room Audio


4 Spaces of Your Home That Could Use a Little Music

We all spent a little more time at home than is usual in 2020, and early 2021 is no different. And now that it’s winter, there is even more reason to snuggle up at home with our family! To make the most of the time you’re enjoying at home, consider introducing multi-room audio to your Washington state home.

With a simple tap of your finger on a smart device, you’ll be able to stream your favorite podcast or music station throughout your home. Scroll below to learn four spaces of your Mercer Island home that could benefit from an audio system that spans the entire property.

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4 Essential Components of a Home Surveillance System


Improve Your Peace of Mind & Protect Your Property with These Security Must-Haves

Keeping your family safe and property secure is always at the forefront of any homeowner’s mind. Investing in a home surveillance and security system takes careful planning and installation, but don’t worry – we can help!

Our expert team handles the entire process from start to finish. First, we ask you what you need from a security system. Do you have a custom car collection in the garage that you’d like to keep an eye on? Or would you like a video doorbell that will show you the person at the door without needing to get up from your seat? From there, we provide a well-designed and executedhome surveillance system that will keep you and your property protected.

Keep scrolling below to learn four essential security components and features we include in our Bellevue, WAclients’ homes.

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Exceed Your Expectations with the Best Brands from Your Premier Audio Video Installer


What Solutions Make Your Home Entertainment Experience Beyond Compare?

Music and movies have powerful influences on us, giving us energy and confidence or inspiring reflection and repose. It stands to reason that the audio and video devices that deliver your content should exceed your expectations. 

As an audio-video installer and curators of cutting-edge technologies, we carefully choose the brands we work with, taking into consideration performance and reliability. We want to provide you with the best solutions for your Seattle, WA home. 

Whether you are rocking out to your favorite jams in the kitchen, bringing the backyard barbeque to life, or immersing yourself in your home theater, we install the innovative products and solutions that fit your smart home needs.

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Why Should I Make the Switch from Manual to Motorized Blinds?


3 Reasons Why You Want to Incorporate Lutron Shades into Your Home

Think about how many windows you have in your home – and now imagine a sunny day. How long would it typically take you to walk throughout the house to manually adjust each curtain and blind so natural sunlight can stream through the windows

Depending on how large your Bellevue-area home is, it could take quite a bit of time to do this. Now imagineadjusting every window treatment with a simple tap of your finger on the smart device of your choice. It’s possible with Lutron motorized blinds.

Keep reading below for three reasons why you should consider incorporating this innovative smart home solution and make the switch away from manual shades!

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